ImAc Production Suite: Intro
About ImAc Production Suite
The ImAc Production Suite – created by Anglatecnic (consortium member) – is a collection of tools used for the management and production of access services for the 360º media (hereinafter “Production tools”) and is part of the Immersive Accessibility project (ImAc) financed by the European Union Research and Innovation programme Horizon 2020 under grant agreement NO. 761974. ImAc production tools offer full range of access services for immersive and non-immersive media content including subtitle, audio description and sign language. The environment is user-friendly and totally cloud-based. The tools are designed specifically for professional users such as broadcasters who wish to offer access services to their audience.
Tools characteristics
Full Access Services
Totally Cloud-based
Full Interconnection
Multi-language Support
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Immersive Content
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It is assumed you are here because you are interested in access service production in media industry. Hence, we encourage you to take a look at our documentation page. This page includes documentation authoured by us as user manuals for our tools. To enter this page click on the button below.
Getting started
You are invited to test out current version of ImAc production tools. To request a demo, click on the below button:
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